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11:43 PM

9 things

1;; i take back what i said about nishikido ryo. he doesn't look gay.


and he can act scary, really. his role in "last friends" as sousuke the DV-ish guy (domestic violence) scares the hell out of me. very convincing. makes me wanna wring his neck so bad everytime i see his face on screen.

2;; last friends is one of the dramas i never anticipated watching, and is currrently one of the best ones i am watching. it's realistic and it will make you think. aside from that, the actors chosen for the role are really good, especially ueno juri (my brother initially thought she was a guy, and he never figured it out until i told him. the last time my brother saw juri was in nodame cantabile, and back then, she was all cutesy and childish. now, she's a lezziii.).

3;; i'm watching A LOT right now. gokusen 2, zettai kareshi, last friends, gokusen 3, rookies, puzzle, ryokiteki na kanojo (my sassy girl, japanese version), daisuki, binbou danshi, plus weekly arashi shows (i laugh at myself). found a nice way to stream live japanese television (tvu player), and it's feeding my addiction.

4;; watching gokusen 2, i realized mizushima hiro was in it. i laughed, seriously, because he wears the same green outfit the entire time, and has an EXTREMELY minor role. while now, he's one of the leads in zettai kareshi along with hayami mokomichi, who had a lead role in gokusen 2 (tsucchi, ne?). oh, he sucked in acting back then too, which makes me laugh too. haha.

5;; i still enjoy watching arashi no shukudai-kun after so long. kinda miss seeing matsujun on screen... and i can't wait until i see him again as doumyoji tsukasa in the hana yori dango movie.

6;; still waiting for the hana kimi special. i miss hana kimi. i watch the gma one sometimes but i just get totally disappointed when i watch because 1.) THEY CUT A LOT! 2.) the dubbing, ugh. tomaguri =<3

7;; i like the way japanese tv shows commercials. here in the philippines, you can go for a quick snack and you'll be assured that the show you're watching hasn't started yet because of the damned commercials, while in japan, you can barely do so. i timed it, 5-6 commercials, 1:30-2 minutes max. that's the typical way.

8;; eng'g results aren't out yet. *sigh* it makes me worry... will i pass?

9;; i want to go out.
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