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12:30 PM


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i am officially an insomniac (again).

how long has it been since i stopped being one? a year from now, i guess. last year, i didn't sleep early, but that was it. now, i am a complete nocturnal being.

can't help it though. i like it when everyone's quiet and no one's awake to bother me.
+ internet's so effing slow in the mornings. it just pisses me off.

i hope i get to sleep by 12 am. not quarter to 5 am.

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Posted by Nerissa Ritzel:

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Posted by michelle:

ha. asa. XP hahahaha. ang layooo~.
4.30.08 @ 2:16 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

ahehe.. dun kmi.. mura lang naman pamasahe ee.. haha..
4.30.08 @ 12:28 AM

Posted by michelle:

nyeeh. hahaha. wer? baka naman makati-area kayo. layoooo~.
4.29.08 @ 10:44 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

tara, sama u, lumipat na kamee ee.. PS Bank.. haha..
4.29.08 @ 8:31 PM

Posted by michelle:

haha. oh how i wish. i don't have the initiative to work right now. :P isali niyo ko dyan. hahahaha~.
4.29.08 @ 11:36 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

Join the workaholic group...and I guarantee, you'll be sleeping even before 10.. haha.. or maybe you'll be sleeping 6 in the morning, because you're counting your 5 digit income until dawn.. guaranteed. hehe...
4.28.08 @ 9:08 PM

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