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3:35 PM

rainy days and mondays always get me down

1;; it's been raining quite a lot lately. i wish it would be sunny more often because i don't like rainy days so much. it saddens me when i can't see much sunlight, from which i draw my energy from. yes, sunlight gives me energy. :) 太陽から気をもらった。when there isn't much sunlight, it's as if my energy drains out and i end up not having any initiative to do anything at all.

2;; i actually changed my, eh..., banner and color scheme. i've been wanting to do so for a long time already but i didn't know what to replace my old one with. finally~! i changed it to purple because the color seems royal... plus, because it's the color of {insert je idol here} from {insert je group here}. ah, that's kinda obvious. haha. unless of course, you know nothing of it. *meno resurfaces in my mind.*

3;; eng'g seems hopeless. they're full! still not letting go of any hope, though. i don't know if i should be happy or not. i mean, i like my class now. i really do... but a part of me tells me that this is the path i should take if i want to reach my goal faster. staying in ca can achieve that too, i guess, but it'll be longer. (i'm a person with no patience at all when it comes to things like these. all my patience goes to understanding people. haha.) it's almost may, still no response. どうしようかな~!

4;; fandom-related: i lol so much at jin and jun arguments. srsly{!!} especially the first one where jun's pitch goes up an octave. hahaha. but that's so old news already. ~_~ my sadism is exhibiting itself when i laugh so much at arguments such as those and of ohno&nakai. sometimes it's just so much fun when you irritate someone to the point that they can brutally hurt you. pikon people especially. haha. (i sometimes do that, actually. >_< i'm bad like that, yeah?)

5;; rainy days and mondays. yeah, they get me down alright. it's just fitting that my mother named me after karen carpenter. i'm beginning to love my name more and more too because in japanese, karen (the adjective) means: lovely or attractive (woman or flower). takao said so too, although he's dead now. >_< ang kapal~. hahaha.

6;; i've put a note on my seriousness which states: "temporarily going away". serious stuff tire me out. i'm not really that serious of a person, unless i'm in school. (in school, it's like: the switch to serious-mode automatically turns on or something.) even my writing has gotten less essay-like and more conversation-like. (which reminds me of the word 'like'. lately, though i don't realize it when it happens, i tend to like... speak like this. haha. i don't notice that i excessively use the word 'like'. "it's like... you know!" hahaha~.)

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