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12:30 AM

boob tube

hmm... i got this idea from a blog i saw earlier. i'm going to tally (or maybe put-into-schedule would be a better choice) what i watch every week. i don't think it would interest anyone, but wth. haha. note: one of the reasons why i watch these things is because we only have 1 television in the house (2 if you count the giant one which is being used as a computer monitor & HDMI playstation 3 thingy), and i am totally off-limits from that one, because everyone else is watching their shows (say... 6 other people), and i would rather not vie for a spot in their fixed schedule (but i do negotiate sometimes... like when i really want to watch something local. haha.)

  • NEWS Zero / 23:27-24:27 / NTV
  • Arashi no Shukudai-kun / 24:27-1:00 / NTV
  • Zettai Kareshi / 21:00-21:54 / Fuji TV
  • none
  • Last Friends / 22:00-22:54 / Fuji TV
  • Himitsu no Arashi-chan / 22:00-22:54 / TBS
  • Music Station / 20:00-20:54 / TV Asahi
  • Puzzle / 21:00-21:54 / TV Asahi
  • VS Arashi / 12:59-13:30 / Fuji TV
  • Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen / 19:00-19:57 / NTV
  • Rookies / 20:00-21:00 / TBS
  • Gokusen 3 / 21:00-22:00 / NTV
  • Ryoukiteki na Kanojo / 21:00-22:00 / TBS
*5/6(火): 99 Plus / 23:58-24:29 / NTV
*5/8(木): とんねるずのみなさんのおかげでした / 21:00-21:54 / Fuji TV

*all in japan time, which is one hour earlier (ahead) than the philippine time.

i'd be watching hitomi too, but unfortunately, my streaming doesn't have NHK in it. >_< well, that's basically what i regularly watch nowadays. i hate thursdays though, because i am forced to choose between the two. and yes, i've become an arashi fan. XD perhaps ro player too? eh, avi's inviting me to join her in ro, and since i've been wanting to try it out since high school, why not? haha.


it's as if i'm not living in the philippines at all. that's... bad, isn't it? ah. nobody watches philippine television here anyway except for news. (even news is rarely watched nowadays, because the radio exists) it's always cartoon network, nickelodeon (we don't have disney channel. thank goodness!), american idol, are you smarter than a fifth grader or axn. ~_~
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