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12:23 AM

goin' a little overboard

random thoughts about prejudice and biases, because it came up in a forum discussion i was reading and because i'm not in a mood to write up a boring essay about this (besides, i don't normally write serious stuff unless i'm stressed, depressed or extremely hyped up... or unless it's really required).

racism: well, i doubt there's any country out there who does not have any racist citizens. no, i take that back. there isn't anyone who is not the tiniest bit racist towards one race or another. this is further elaborated in the avenue q song, "everyone's a little bit racist".

prejudice & bias: is not good. i will admit up to that much, but i don't condemn people who are like this (because if i did, i'd be against the entire human population including myself). but i hate those people who are overly biased and prejudiced to the extent that they refuse to see the other side's point of view.

i had one of those long conversations with my parents again about... eh, many things. my mother asked me why i don't speak in english at school when english is the language i've grown up using in daily conversations . my father kept quiet (it seems he can tell why). i also wonder why. i find it hard to do so... but i honestly think it would make my life a hell lot easier if i spoke in english. *okay, you can kill me if you want* i guess a nice balance between english and filipino is nice as well.

this led to me talking about something a classmate jokingly told me which really PISSED me last year. nobody knows this, of course. (or maybe i have blabbered it to someone and forgot. idk.) i'm not really particular about anything to be that pissed, except for my english. to be told by someone that my paper didn't have much grammatical and spelling-related errors because i was lucky enough to have used the SPELL & GRAMMAR CHECK feature in word is what i consider one of the biggest insults i could ever receive about my english. online, i don't give a damn if i make errors (okay, maybe i do. just not that much.), and i don't mind being corrected about my errors as long as it's said nicely (i would even be happy because that would save me from the embarrassment it brings me.), but when it comes to papers and stuff like those, i make sure that my english is 100% grammatically correct as much as possible. and i do not f*ck*ng ever depend on useless spell check whatevers, or much less use them, (i have proven the word spell & grammar check useless many, many times) to correct my paper. ('whatevers'. hahaha.) i am pretty capable of checking my paper on my own, thank you very much! only english and a few other things can bring out my anal retentive side.

it still pisses me until now.

ah, i got carried away. ~_~;; it wasn't supposed to end up like this. i meant for this to be a really short entry. crap. anyway, i just had to get that out.

what i really want to do now... make an analysis about "last friends"! i like how it realistically portrays some major issues in society. hmm, perhaps when i finally get subtitles for episode 4. (reading the preview in the official website gave me a headache, and i could only understand what they say 40% of the time. >_<;;)

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Posted by michelle:


you're alive! hahaha. atty. roma amor dela cruz dela cruz! ^______~V
5.08.08 @ 12:12 AM

Posted by lola:

5.08.08 @ 12:05 AM

Posted by michelle:

hindi ikaw yun. haha. miss you too... di kita naabutan sa ym kanina. ~_~
5.06.08 @ 8:57 PM

Posted by julie:

ako talaga yun i miss yow!
5.06.08 @ 5:18 PM

Posted by michelle:

@ jam: alam mo? nasabi ko ba sayo? hahahahaha. >_<

@ kirby: no, it's not you. first year pa ata 'to... *thinks* yup, first year. :)
5.05.08 @ 9:14 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

ako ba to? hehe.. =]
5.05.08 @ 8:41 PM

Posted by jamelle:

kilala ko yung spelling and grammar check. hehe ;p
5.05.08 @ 4:39 PM

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