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10:49 PM


there are so many things i don't understand right now. the things happening right now are way beyond my control and i don't understand them--simple things, complicated things...

just yesterday, i was nearly crying in the car and forcing myself to stop. of course, i couldn't let anyone see me like that. it's not a matter of weakness for me, it's my pride. and no amount of tears would change anything under this circumstance.

i've been fine since then. but this time, somebody else is crying. i don't even know what i am supposed to do to ease the tension or something. something about seeing that familiar situation happening to someone else shocked me, and all i can do is ask "why?" "why this?" "why now?" "i'm supposed to be the one doing that!" i'm useless.

in my grade school days i was the kind of person to talk back and fight when poked. i don't care who it is as long as i get to defend myself. but since then, i have learned to contain myself. i have learned to be stoic and nonchalant. i would answer, but there's a limit to what i can say... because, i am a mere nobody. i'd laugh things off when i get hurt; i'd stay quiet when i'm being put down; i don't fight back. i've become a good girl haven't i? is this not good enough?

for many times i have been asked "do you enjoy making your siblings cry?" when i was younger. but i don't do that anymore, do i? sometimes, i want to ask back, "do you enjoy putting people down so much, that you do it to me all the time?" "is it so fun to make people feel like they are hopeless?"

i am no adult. stop trying to make me act like one, when i still can't do it properly. it hurts knowing that there won't be anyone helping you when you fall down. it hurts to feel hopeless and helpless all the time because you've been belittled so much.

i am trying my best to laugh when i get hurt. mada kizuitenai no?

even now, i cannot let anyone hear my agony. i cannot let anyone notice my tears. i just can't. because they won't understand. knowing about psychology without knowing how to use the knowledge properly is the worst thing i can imagine of it. i may not know any psychology, but i can empathize with other people. and i'd rather have it that way.

a year ago, i came to a resolution that i will never become such a person. sad to say, until now that holds true... and that aversion towards such people only grew stronger over time.


and of all things to happen today, why this? crap, i don't know what happened to my phone but it's now asking for my puk and i have no clue as to what it effing is! i've had that number for 7 or so years now. i hate this! this is what i hate about kindness. you lend someone something and they don't know how to take care of it. to top it all off, they abuse the kindness. for four days i did not have my phone because it was borrowed. akala ko naman sandali lang, inabot ng isang araw, di pa binabalik. sabi bukas, yung bukas naging kahapon.

i'm not the kind of person to tell you when to return what you borrowed because you should know when to return it. when you borrow something, you trouble the other person. at the very least, you should realize that you're troubling the other person by borrowing something that he/she is still using.

dammit. is there any way to fix this? crap. i can't lose that number now. changing is too troublesome. i'm desperate. haha.
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Posted by Simple Jack:

I hope you are OK now, maybe playing pixel gun 3d will help you get through those tough times.
6.14.20 @ 10:13 AM

Posted by alnindo:

Posted by Rafael:

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Posted by michelle:

eh, enough with the negativity. haha. it's tiring & stressful, ne. :)

waah. ay naku. ayoko talagang magpalit ng # pero feeling ko yun ang mangyayari. ugh. >_<
5.16.08 @ 2:10 AM

Posted by Anonymous:

life is so bad on me.. T_T

dpa naaayos ee.. ttry q pabuksan sa globe.. hehe.. o baka bumili na lang aq ng bgong sim.. =]
5.14.08 @ 10:13 PM

Posted by michelle:

shoganai ne. haha. such is life. tawanan na lang natin ang mga problema. haha. nyeh.

naayos ba phone mo? or did you get a new #? >_<
5.13.08 @ 9:18 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

ohnga ee.. haha.. galing q magtago ng feelings noh.. hehe.. kunwari tatawa-tawa, pero hurt na hurt na pala inside.. haha..

ung phone q, gnun din. Na PUK din, pinahiram q kc ee.. aun, pagkasauli sakin, gnun na.. PUK na.. haha..
5.13.08 @ 8:01 PM

Posted by michelle:

genki o dashite tte nan no imi desu ka? atashi wa genki ni nachatta. :)

iro iro no koto ni arigatai'n desu. haha.

but seriously, thank you... although i'm fine now. (haha, ganun ako. kinakalimutan ko agad.) must be hard for you too, huh? sorry, i rarely notice your sadness though. i'll try to be more observant of my surroundings next time. :)

btw, anong nangyari sa phone mo? i seriously don't want to lose my number. hahaha. :D
5.13.08 @ 2:19 AM

Posted by One of the readers:

That is so like me during grade school. haha. I fight just to defend myself. now, I'm a coward. a cry baby. haha.

Actually were on the same boat. haha. Same with me, my phone got PUK-ed because of some entity around the corner who borrowed my ever loved phone in good condition, then returned it with the text stating: "please enter your PUK".. yay, i'm so lucky. haha..

yeah, me too.. haha.. I try my best to laugh when i get hurt, yet no one notices.. haha.. so true with me too, i ask the same question.. O_O

Genki o dashite. your friends are here to support you every moment. Aja. hihi. ~_^V
5.13.08 @ 1:12 AM

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