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8:07 PM

typhoons can burn too.

ang paglangoy sa binabagyong dagat ay nakakasunog.

haha. what a weird statement. i've swam so many times this summer, but never have i been this burned. the last time i recall was years ago. (i'm reddish all over my face... ah, my arms as well.)

i loved it though. harhar. bumabagyo pero naisipan naming pumunta sa subic (actually, it's been planned. the typhoon came without notice though.) when we arrived there, what used to be a wide stretch of beach became an extension of the subic bay. the water seriously reached the huts we were staying at... it was amazing! haha. nevertheless, we swam in the waters knowing well enough that there's a typhoon. the waves were so nice kasi: strong and high--we love meeting up with the waves, and then jumping once it hits our backs. in doing that, you'd get a feeling of "flying" because you'd be riding the wave. in the next moment, we'd realize that we've returned to the watery shore, so we'd go walk back near the strong waves, and the cycle repeats.

at one point, the wind was so strong as well. we felt as if we were stranded & ship-wrecked people.

this morning, the sun begun to appear, but the waves and current remained as strong. we'd walk towards the wave as much as possible and let the wave engulf us. hahaha. indeed, as goldie had mentioned, kulang na lang kami ng surfboard so that we can ride the waves.

seriously, first time experience na mag-beach na merong bagyo, umuulan at brown-out sa cottages. the night before, the wind was so strong, if you threw a piece of paper, it'd fly right back at your face in an instant. feeling nga namin, matatangay na yung cottage sa sobrang lakas ng hangin... wala pang kailaw-ilaw along the entire stretch of baloy beach... as in, nada.

another fun thing about this trip was the fact that it wasn't just us. it was the victoriano family (although, obviously not complete). tita yolie was with us... she just came home from the states. tito alex wasn't with her though. :c tita cathy was with us too. c: i wish her and tito eric'd get married already. hahaha.

but seriously, the best thing about the entire trip were the waves~! they're tall enough to engulf you if you stand still; and strong enough to push you back a few meters. i might try learning to surf sometime soon. that was sooo fun!
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