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9:49 PM


i can seriously live on chocolate alone. i'll be the next willy wonka... female version.
(willy wonka chocolates taste very good, by the way. i wish someone would give me one again.)

poor pancreas. poor weight.


sandara park's career is alive and kicking... in korea. haha. i saw in one of my livejournal contact's an interesting entry: sandara park seemed to have auditioned in yg entertainment (beats me. i only know je.) and got in as a trainee(?). and rumors have it that there are plans for her to become the next BoA (she's famous, alright).

it's... surprising? i guess. i really have no clue as to what is going on in either korean or philippine entertainment but this news entertains me. well, i hope she does well there. no more "i don't have a talent" for her, ne? here's a video of her in a korean music video & here's a video of her (+ other trainees) sexy dancing to rihanna. i'm guessing she's the one with the white belt. O_o hmm, i actually find their dance cute. hahaha.

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12.15.10 @ 7:05 PM

Posted by michelle:

nakakapagtaka nga. hahaha. ibang-iba siya dun. XD
5.21.08 @ 1:53 PM

Posted by jam:

bakit ang galing niya sumayaw don? dito di naman siya ganon ah. hehe ;)
5.21.08 @ 12:22 PM

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