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1:38 AM

random babble

tsukarettaaa. what a tiring day. ~_~

i wasn't able to watch either last friends or himitsu no arashi-chan yesternight! T_T and i think i missed out a lot on the recent last friends episode. (sousuke dies?! finally? eh!) quietly hoping my internet connection (which i desperately tried to fix this morning) would go faster because torrent speed is as low as 20-ish kb/s & clubbox is not moving at all. TT_TT

anyway, just came from lola honey's wake. i was there the entire night, and yeah... it's a bit sad even though i never really got the chance to get close to her. she's actually my lolo's brother's wife. hehe. but still... i met my second cousin though, the one my mother has been telling me to look for because he's also in ust studying polsci & an incoming 2nd year. not that we actually talked though. haha. naghahabulan at nagpapaluan lang kami ni camille sa loob ng chapel the entire time, while goldie tried to reconstruct mona lisa in tita cacar's new phone. (bawal talaga malungkot samin. haha. such a solemn event and we're making harutan all over the place. we're children like that. O_o *pardon the conyoness. i'm sleepy*)

i have to start studying as well. goldie & i planned to review together this sunday (huh, isang araw lang?!) for her mock acet and my qualifying exam. ugh. well, i hope i pass. if i do & if circumstances allow it, i have one more sem as a ca student, then i'm off to eng'g. and i won't deny, i can't wait to shift. ^_^ just because it gets me closer to my goal & it pleases my parents so much (& i can actually envision a future for myself as an engineer). it would seriously make life easier for me in the future so i don't mind enduring for just a little bit more. downside: five more years of studying starting from this school year~! oh well. that's just how it is. i'll still be young by then so it doesn't matter. taking up law would be just as long anyway. (and i wouldn't take law even if nobody else continues the victoriano lineage of law people.)

i seriously wish i pass. gosh, i'd go insane if i didn't.

i wanna watch zettai kareshi episode 6 right now! *squeeees endlessly* night gives up riiko to soushi? ah, my heart is all kyun-kyun just seeing that... i'm all doki-doki just thinking about it. kyaa~.

i better sleep.

lola honey's cremation is early this morning. O_o reminds me of lolo's wake and cremation... and that silly blooper camille & i committed in front of many big-shot law people during our little speech. now that i think about it, it's so embarrassing... but funny nonetheless. haha.

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