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2:31 AM


ah, jam tagged me. hahaha. i'll get to answering that later. XP

yesterday was, hmm, yet another day. haha. but seriously, yesterday i was in another wake at the same place where lola honey's was held. so not nice. this time it's lolo's cousin/the father of the retired abs-cbn executive with whom i was acquainted with way back in fourth year. i mentioned him here too 2 years ago. ~_~ anyway, lolo's cousin was someone i did not know though, but it seems camille and goldie had met him before. (why is that?!)

lolo bonding was there too with tita jane. and i swear, every time i see him, i feel so sad because i remember lolo due to their utter likeness. somehow, i always feel nostalgic and end up in near-tears. ~_~

and, seriously... just seriously, i don't want to go back to that place for a veeery long time from now. sunod-sunod eh. di maganda sa pakiramdam. twice in two weeks; thrice within this summer. hate it.

after that though, we had a little "despidida" party at iceberg timog for tito andre, although we never really did this before since he works abroad as a geologist and him leaving the country twice or thrice a year has become normal for us. a nice consolation to the previous event? un. but this made me start hating food once again. haha. even though i currently have this urge to cook something.

anyway... on to the meme.

*right click, view image for a larger view.
&;;1 &;;2  &;;3
&;;4 &;;5 &;;6
&;;7 &;;8 &;;9
&;;10 &;;11 &;;12
&;;13 &;;14

ah, choosing pictures is really hard. i want to put a lot but then again, it'd take up so much space. so here's my explanation for each of the pictures.

1. i really like this hair the most. haha. i want to have my hair like that again, but right now, i want to try something new so... maybe some other time.
2. family. family isn't complete for me unless all the relatives from my father's side are all there. :D
3. something candid i found in my pictures folder. taken last year during tita cacar's birthday. i was actually talking with camille & goldie's friend there. XP
4. new year 2006-2007... the "tres marias" in lolo's bathroom taking vanity shots. hahaha. wackyness level during that time: 5... mababa pa, hahaha.
5. grade school picture. grabe, ang tagal na... it makes me feel nostalgic all of a sudden.
6. <333 the HS building & field... miss ko na 'to. last time i went there, di ako pinapasok ng guard. O_o;;
7. a picture i found in one of the folders. this was during dani's birthday, 4th year. that's the triple quadruple v (veras, victoriano, villaruz & viola) + iris. hahaha.
8. high school buddies! kays' debut with halo-halo + lola roma & winna! wala nga lang si anna... hmm... busy as ever kasi. haha.
9. anna's debut naman 'to. :) palm three <3! i miss palm three...
10. mad dogs' win! seriously, i will miss this block... :c CA1 pa rin forever!
11. hapee commercial shoot at ateneo. hahaha. laughtrip at kalokohan halos pero masaya. :)
12. eto ang dahilan kung bakit kami pinapalayas sa heart center. hahaha. tsk,tsk. kids-at-heart talaga. pati ospital ginagawang playground. LOOOL!
13. my favorite place in bicol. haha. yung puno ng mangga sa bahay nina lolo. <3 when we visit there, i always have to climb that tree.
14. kyoudai to itoko tachi. haha. (siblings & cousins.) inseparable much?
15. ah, the dog i want~! this is seriously cute in all aspects... even the price is a tad bit too cute as well. Y 1,400,000=P 600000 lang naman kasi ang isa noh? pero this is too cute to ignore! i definitely want one... then i'd put it in a mug too. hahaha. kidding. ang cute talaga. <333!

too sleepy for tagging. haha. anyone who wants to do this may do so. :) & i wanna have that kind of poodle in the future too. @_@

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