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space & time

i've been warped into a thinking state once again. just beyond the interesting things that mysteries occurring in earth such as the bermuda triangle, atlantis and such have intrigued me, i've rekindled with a long-time fascination which i had since i was a mere child. this is the same reason why i look up to einstein very much.

up until this day, i've always wondered how the universe exactly works but i never got a clear answer, unfortunately, nor did anyone else.

well, this is merely an introduction to a very interesting article i found over the internet, which kept me puzzled from nearly four hours ago until now. but then again, to say that this is interesting might not be exactly applicable to most people, whose patience, i think, would walk out of them from reading the first few paragraphs. even with this, einstein's theory of relativity is at work. haha.

what i pondered most about was time and how it interacts in space with gravity and mass. in other words, i was greatly thinking about the applications of einstein's E=MC² to earth science.

it has been noted that this scenario is quite unlikely to happen because we are in earth, and thus bound by its inescapable gravitational pull. but reading that reminded me of masi oka's power in "heroes"--controlling/stopping time. comparing this to time travel, i find that "stopping" time is a much more plausible occurrence at this point of time, even though its possibility has been ruled out due to the many physics rules it disregards.

but hypothetically, if it was possible, if one travels at the speed of light, naturally there'd be a change in the time's pace. time for the person traveling would pass by at an incredible speed, and given that situation, he'd be traveling or perhaps existing at an entirely different pace of time. in his point of view, since he is traveling at a great speed, everyone around him would seem to "stop" since time for them, compared to his, would be traveling at an incredibly slow pace. therefore, it would seem that they have stopped, or rather it would seem that he has stopped time. in this situation, the person traveling at such speed would have transcended earth time.

coming from the other point of view, for the people who are still existing in earth time, the person traveling at light speed would seem to have "disappeared" since he is traveling at an incredibly fast pace, that his presence just eludes these people's sight.

now, regarding time travel as everyone knows it, i still don't think it's possible to achieve. my understanding of this topic has not reached that level as of yet. given the same situation as previously mentioned, the person traveling at light speed, in people existing in earth time's point of view, would naturally think he went into the future. but for the person traveling, would it not be just him reaching future at a quicker pace than the rest? and since the person traveling now exist in an entirely different world with a different pace of time, these two worlds really cannot be combined, actually. *hence people who seem to have their own pace in doing things are likely to be called people who live "in their own world", right?

as for traveling back in time, my belief about its impossibility remains the same as before, and the reason for this, i have written in some back entry dating sometime in 2005. (uh, i'll look for it later.)

another thing i'd like to point out is the relation of mass and gravity to time. i have known for quite some time now that the mass of an object dictates its gravity. a very good example i found, to which this can be likened to, is how a ball can make a dent on a flat blanket which is being pulled on all sides. if you throw a marble on the blanket, it would immediately go towards the ball because of the dent it makes. this "dent", which mass creates, not only creates a force we call gravity, but warps time as well. by warp, i mean to say that it slows time because of its curvature. just like traveling, it is much faster to travel on a smooth plain than on a curved one.

this sparked a thought in my head, and i begun to wonder that "time" on other planets can actually be different than earth time. say for example, jupiter. with jupiter's great mass, it undoubtedly creates a larger dent in space-time than earth does, resulting in a greater gravitational pull and a slower time. perhaps neutron stars as well, since they are 1 to 2 times more massive than the sun and are terribly smaller than pluto in diameter. because of their mass, time in neutron stars probably pass at an extremely slow pace, which i think, balances out its great rotation speed of 1 rotation per second for particularly aged ones. when i think of neutron stars, i think of a steep U shape regarding its dent on space-time.


ah, shabisugiru deshita. i talked too much... O_o
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