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nana iro basu de

  • music: arashi - flashback
watching gokusen makes me think about things, no doubt, even if it's believably unrealistic. maturity is really a hard thing to attain. you have to carefully watch what you say; be sensitive to other people; discern properly what is right to do; learn to realize what is the most important things to do in order to prioritize; and really understand what these things mean.

recently, things have been popping out of nowhere causing a stir. i'm struggling between what i want to do, and what is the best thing to do; what i want to happen, and what is the best thing to happen. nonetheless, no matter how long i think about them, i have utterly no say in the decision-making. this reminds me of what lola roma (lolaaaa~!) mentioned in her blog: don't judge others because they have their reasons why they do certain things. (connection? er, it has a connection. really, it does.) i realized just now that this can be applied in so many various situations.   

sometimes, i think, there are so many things that i have no control of. more often than not, things go terribly out of plan. it is for that reason that i am here. i couldn't help but complain when things go haywire, but the more i complain, the more pitiful i become. at one point, i gave up complaining because it did not do anyone any good. it's something i always scream at my brothers when i get really pissed. "reklamo ka ng reklamo, eh kung kinain mo na lang 'yan sana nakakalaro ka na ngayon!"

now, i tend to look at the bright side of things when they seem to be going against my plan. there are things that i really don't want to happen, but knowing i have no control over them, i just try to wish for the best. of course, if i could do something, i would... but things aren't so bad as they seem. i'll leave it as it is.

1;;  gokusen really made me think that. so funny.
2;; i watched "gakkou e ikou max" with arashi as guests earlier. it was so funny! especially matsujun. i wanted to see him get really pissed, though. harhar.
3;; thursday! i get to watch last friends tonight! yayz.
4;; my speech pattern is becoming japanesey (or as utada hikaru would put it). that's not good, isn't it?
5;; i have completely lost interest in filipino entertainment. i'd rather watch axn or something. that's not good too, isn't it? why i dislike it? because they tend to pattern it to american shows and end up looking like a bunch of fools doing seriously childish things to hype things up... as if it's a good way of hyping things up. aside from that, i have yet to reach my epoche in this one. i have to reach my epoche in this one.
6;; arashi's "dream-a-live" is finally out. <3 (i know, the name's a bit... eh. haha. "live" actually refers to concert. i don't know why, but that's how they call concerts. live.)
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