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4:03 AM

what the hell~.

i've heard of a person having two left feet, but two right ones?

this is ridiculous... this is utterly pre.pos.te.rous.

hazukashii na. watashi wa ne... hontou ni BAKA desu yo ne.

this is sooooo nakakainis! ugh.
these exaggerations do not justify at all the sheer irritation i am feeling right now. argh.

choices, ne. choices. ah, indeed, it all depends on the choices. i'm a bad decision-maker.

mou iiya. no use being irritated at something so little and costly.

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Posted by Gena Klemke:

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Posted by Gerardo See:

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Posted by michelle:

no, no...
complete kababawan and katangahan.

it's nothing to do with that at all. :)
4.26.08 @ 2:03 PM

Posted by Anonymous:

4.26.08 @ 1:59 PM

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