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12:56 AM

last friends... & fandom

&;; i have actually mentioned "last friends" countless times already but this is the first time i'm going to try expounding on it. haha. i feel my capability of writing will never suffice what my mind wants to say about it. but then again, i was never good in any form of expression to begin with.

my analysis used to be here, but i thought, this journal is too random and unfitting for serious stuff as such, so i transfered it to my other journal. go look!! hahaha. (actually, nagmukha siyang isang mahabang paper na hindi pa tapos. >_<

**i don't take this journal seriously. really. even though i write in it like... every other day or so, most of what i write are just random thoughts that keep bouncing in my head. and a few random interests here and there.

&;; from last friends' most recent episode: episode 5 (eh, just finished watching. i need subs. >_<

sousuke to michiru: kimi o boku no mono. (it means 'you are mine', but it possesses a stronger sense of possession than just 'you are mine'. it literally means, 'you are my (thing)'.)
~ *imitates akira from nobuta: "akira shock!"* the first thing that went to my mind upon hearing that was: sonna no wagamama no hito ga dame to omoimasu!

ruka to takeru: sawaranai! (don't touch me!)
~ akira shock! i'm trying to understand why she had such a violent reaction.

michiru to takeru: jinsei wa kantan ja nai. (life isn't simple.)
~ i agree.

and if i didn't misunderstand it, then ruka's actually the one who suggested that it'd be nice if michiru chose takeru over sousuke. hmm.

ah, i'm still baffled.

&;; and from とんねるずのみなさんのおかげでした:

i failed to guess the food asada mao (the figure skater) and matsumoto jun (the DoS arashi member) hates~! ah, crap. haha. asada mao did figure out what matsujun hates, but matsujun didn't guess her's right. so, he had to dance "a.ra.shi." and humiliate himself. har~.

matsumoto jun: chizu kirai nan desu yo... boku. (i hate cheese.)
~i never noticed at all! so it's the smell~. datte... arashi no shukudai-kun ni chizu to no tabemono ga ippai aru ne? zutto... ano bangumi ni chi-u ga taberu'n deshou? nande ano bangumi de chizu to no tabemono ni "kono tabemono ga kirai~. datte, chizu ga aru'n da~." tte zen zen ittenai no? kore wa hajimete ni kiite'no. sugoi bikkuri shita. haha.

&;;  aaaah. TBS is making a remake of mawang and it's oddly named, maou. haha. what surprised me is that riida ohno satoshi and ikuta toma are starring in it!! (uh, ohno?! in a drama?! that's a big surprise in itself.) ohno will be playing joo ji hoon's role as the lawyer seung ha, while toma will be playing uhm tae woong's role as the detective oh soo. will they both die in the end? (ah, ohno & toma die. >_< it airs in TBS on july every fridays at 10 pm. XP

~personal comments: though i am truly happy that ohno finally gets a starring role in a drama, and kouhai toma gets to be with him in it, i can't help but think it would end up being a comedy instead of a suspense drama. i think toma would be a better seung ha, but that's only my opinion. of course, if ohno is the one to get it, the viewership increases. but yeah, i would like to think that ohno is also versatile as an actor, since he acts in many various stage plays. i'll have to wait and see then.

edit: even after trying to imagine an ikuta toma kang oh soo & ohno satoshi oh seung ha, i can't. before i can even see them in their roles, i'd burst out laughing on my own. they're too funny. even if they stood still, i'd laugh at them! ...but i want to be proved wrong. i really do!

ah, sleepy.
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