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1:41 AM

today's random post

actually, this was meant for yesterday. when i looked on the digital clock at the corner of my monitor screen, i saw a 12:44 AM glaring at me though. (karen, what happened to sleeping early?)

&;; camille and aby visited today. (uh, they can actually do so anytime but, yeah... nakakatamad. haha.) goldie had her review classes for college exams in katipunan, while aby and camille were dropped here... at home. camille and i played frets on fire and guitar hero all day, while the children played the oh-so-morbid half life 2 on ps 3.

&;; i realized that tita yolie is going to arrive here in the philippines in just a few more days. it's been a while... it doesn't feel so sad though. way back in high school, i would feel sad when i remember that most of our relatives are already in the states. the only ones left in here are camille, goldie, aby, tita cacar, tito andre, mama bella, tito eric and tita cathy (plus us). i still feel a bit nostalgic... but i don't intend to stay in america with them. haha. nihon e ikitai kara!

&;; tito ronald is also coming this july (after so many years). i don't know if he's bringing along tita my, carlos and christia though. the only ones who have yet to visit is tito rudy & his family. (but i wish kenneth and matthew could visit again soon. perhaps with tito aizee? so that i can finally see him for the first time. haha. ah, a tito i've never met before except through ym. ~_~)

&;; we're off to subic again next weekend. (ugh, sunburn much.) this time with tito andre and the rest. i miss trips like this. for the past few years, it's always just been us + camille. i miss living in rented houses with the entire family.

&;; i found a very interesting site while i was browsing. in exchange for your vocabulary's improvement, you get to donate rice to the needy.'twas so cool i ended up donating 5000 GRAINS of rice. lol. but seriously, it's a nice way to help others while learning and having fun. check it ouuut! dali~!

&;; and of course, something fandom-related. maou, the japanese remake of mawang, is official. yeah, it's already booked in arashi (ohno) and johnny's jr.'s (toma) schedule. hahaha. i also saw a news snippet about it earlier. ikuta toma looked so cool; he actually resembled uhm tae woong's kang oh soo. ohno satoshi was cool as well, especially with his black hair and all. i sometimes think they're gonna be able to pull it off. but another glance at riida ohno's face, i get reminded of the stocking head in "g no arashi" and constant "umai"s to almost every food he eats, which either proves that his taste buds are defective, or that he's a simpleton when it comes to food. rotfl. there's this nice comparison though, but i can't understand a thing because it's all in korean. (uhm, capability to read is so not equal to capability to understand.) pictures sufficed though.

ah, that incoherent second point irks me.
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