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10:22 PM

CA1 pa rin

finally enrolled and got my schedule for this semester. i'm feeling aloof right now, really. not that i don't care but i think i will fully realize the fact that we've been reshuffled once classes actually begin & i start seeing new faces i am not so familiar with.

i saw meng's entry wherein she put together the schedules of the three CA classes & i decided to organize it a bit since it might come in handy when it comes to meeting other CA1 people from... err, before. i like CA2's schedule, by the way. hahaha.

click to enlarge.

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Posted by Laura Stokes:

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Posted by Trevor:

It is true what you said about these schedules. They always tend to change these schedules the very last time. It has made me sad back in the days but you will get used to it so fast.
10.09.17 @ 9:01 PM

Posted by Sarah:

I know that feeling of getting shuffled in your classroom when next semester starts. And it is very hard to cope up with the idea of spending the next semester with new faces in the starting. Don’t worry as you will get acquainted soon.
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1.19.18 @ 12:12 PM

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